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Economics is a social science since it uses scientific methods to build theories and statistical evidence that can help explain the behaviour of individuals, groups and organisations. I am an empirical microeconomist with research interests that focuses mainly on the interplay between family behaviour and public policy. My research uses a wide range of methods, from applied theory and structural estimation, through to field experiments and policy-evaluation methods.

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Selected Recent Publications

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1. Anderberg, D, N. Mantovan and R. Sauer (2022) "The Dynamics of Domestic Violence: Learning About the Match", the Economic Journal (Forthcoming)

2. Anderberg,. D, H. Rainer and F. Siuda (2022) "Quantifying domestic violence in times of crisis: An internet search activity-based measure for the COVID-19 pandemic", Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series A 185, 498-518.

3. Anderberg, D, and A. Vickery (2021) "The Role of Own-Group Density and Local Social Norms for Ethnic Marital Sorting: Evidence from the UK", European Economic Review 138, 103774

4. Anderberg, D. and G. Moroni (2020) “Exposure to Intimate Partner Violence and Children’s Dynamic Skill Accumulation: Evidence from a UK Longitudinal Study”, Oxford Review of Economic Policy 36 (4) 783-815.

5. Anderberg, D. and K. Morsink (2020) “The introduction of formal insurance and its effect on redistribution”, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 179, 22-45.

Dan Anderberg

Department of Economics
Royal Holloway University of London
Egham, Surrey, TW20 0EX
United Kingdom

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